Precision Aero Product is very pleased to announce that we are now dealers for Hui Yang Professional F3A (formerly Oxai).

More information will be added to our website soon. Stay tuned!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Currently available Airframes:

  1. Skybolt GP/EP.
  2. Horus EP.
  3. Angelit EP. In stock now.
  4. Ascent EP Monoplane.
  5. Galacktica+ GP/EP.
  6. Ascent EP Biplane.
  7. Citrin ST.
  8. Kunzit.
  9. Zebec.

Here’s some eye candy...

  • huiyang-professional-f3a-1
  • huiyang-professional-f3a-2
  • huiyang-professional-f3a-3
  • huiyang-professional-f3a-4
  • huiyang-professional-f3a-5
  • huiyang-professional-f3a-6
  • huiyang-professional-f3a-7

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