The "Builders Kit" version of the Allure has been released. The fuse is fully composite and CAD drawings are provided for foam core wings and stabs. An optional built-up structure is available now. See our store for details. We are building the first wing and stab kit now. Check out our Allure Built-up Wing/Stab Blog. The foam core templates are included on each drawing and are also in CAD format allowing you to cut your own foam cores. The cores may optionally be cut in country for those that don't have the facility.

The fuse finish is either base white or base yellow and it's painted outside the mold so no seam. We're also able to offer painted fuses in the two standard schemes (Bryan or Bruno with white or yellow base) or even a custom scheme for an additional cost. You can also order either Glow, EP/Contra or EP/Contra with chin cowl.

The kit includes:

  • Composite Fuse with rudder already fitted.
  • Composite undercarriage.
  • Wheel pants.
  • U/C plate structure(factory fitted).
  • Wing/stab tubes and sockets.
  • Stab adjusters with carbon rod and socket.
  • Battery tray.
  • Rudder servo tray.
  • Various ply parts like wing/stab socket doughnuts etc needed to finish the model.
  • Tail wheel assembly (tail wheel not included).
  • Main wheel aluminium axles (main wheels not included).
  • Rudder Pull-Pull set-up.
  • Screw type control horns.
  • Velcro battery straps.
  • Hardware kit.

Basically everything that comes with the ARF Allure except wings and stabs of course.

For pricing please refer to the listing in our shop.

If interested in a builders kit please contact us.

  • accessories-builders-kit
  • allure-builder-kit-ep-inside2
  • allure-builders-kit-chin-cowl-inside
  • allure-builders-kit-chin-cowl-inside2
  • allure-builders-kit-ep-front
  • allure-builders-kit-ep-rear
  • allure-builders-kit-ep-side
  • allure-builders-kit-inside
  • allure-chin-cowl-nose
  • allure-chin-cowl-rear
  • allure-chin-cowl-side
  • allure-chin-cowl-side2
  • builders-kit-bruno-chin-cowl-ep-weight
  • builders-kit-bruno-chin-cowl-ep
  • builders-kit-bruno-chin-cowl-ep2
  • builders-kit-bruno-chin-cowl-ep3
  • builders-kit-bruno-ep
  • builders-kit-bruno-ep2
  • builders-kit-bruno-ep3
  • builders-kit-bryan-scheme-weight
  • builders-kit-bryan-scheme
  • builders-kit-weight-ep
  • builders-kit-weight-ep2
  • packaging1
  • packaging2
  • packaging3
  • packaging4

Watch this space for more information as it comes to hand!

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