New from CK Aero are a couple of trimming tools.

They are the Elevator Alignment tool and also the Precision Alignment tool mount. Both items are designed to help you take your model set-up and alignment to the next level.

We'll soon have CK Aero's Tab Mounted Dual O-Ring Nose Ring in stock. This saves 10 grams of weight over the stock YS nose ring.

AUD99.00 (AUD90.00 excl GST) each CK Aero Elevator Alignment Tool

New from CK Aero, a set of four magnetic base clamps with 12" carbon Rods for setting accuracy. This is a fine tune check for parallel travel , end point, and centering. A must have for the serious competitor.

They're designed to clip onto the elevators with powerful magnets. They can be used to match both the elevators and the stab halves. Check out the pictures to see how they are used.

The alignement of your stabs is paramount to achieving perfect trim with your F3A model.

If you have any questions about this product please feel free to contact us.

AUD42.00 (AUD38.18 excl GST) each CK Aero Precision Alignment Tool Mount

New from CK Aero is a Precision Alignment Tool mount. It was designed to slide onto the Robart Incidence Meter bar as a base to mount most digital meters. It has a metal insert for some magnetic pull. This gives added stability as most meters have magnets in the base. It can be used with all small digital meters and completely replace the Robart Analog Meter for a more accurate and repeatable measuring device.

We also suggest using a rubber band (or clear tape) for additional security of the Wixey.

If you have any questions about this product please feel free to contact us.

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