We are very pleased to announce that Brenner's latest creation the "V4 Contra Drive System" is now available to order via Precision Aero Products.

The drive is available in a number of configurations. If you currently use a V3 and wish to upgrade to a V4 the spinners off your V3 can be reused which saves approximately USD200.00 on the drive price. Contact us for more information on this option.

Indicative pricing (based on current exchange rate) for an anodised (coloured) V4 CRS and matching Kontronik Pyro 600 motor is AUD$2,400.00 including GST and AUD$2,250.00 including GST for a natural aluminium finish with Kontronik Pyro 600.

Note: If using the Kontronik Pyro 600 motor, it is recommended to use a Mezon ESC. The Spin99 controller is not up to the task with this 14 pole motor.

Some features:

  • Lightest CRS on the market at 600 grams including both props and motor! See the gallery photo below.
  • Re-greasing interval 200 flights.
  • Available in natural aluminium or various anodised coloured finishes.
  • 82mm spinner.
  • Budd soft mounting included.
  • Kontronik Pyro 600 (14 Pole) or 650 (10 Pole) motor options. The 600 is the recommended motor as it's lighter and more powerful.
  • Upgraded planetary gear system - wider gears (2 x V3 width) and needle bearings. See photos below.
  • Retrofittable with V3 CRS if using the Budd mount system. You will need to add the included rear support/mount.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

  • brenner-v4-1
  • brenner-v4-10
  • brenner-v4-11
  • brenner-v4-12
  • brenner-v4-13
  • brenner-v4-14
  • brenner-v4-15
  • brenner-v4-16
  • brenner-v4-17
  • brenner-v4-18
  • brenner-v4-19
  • brenner-v4-2
  • brenner-v4-20
  • brenner-v4-3
  • brenner-v4-4
  • brenner-v4-5
  • brenner-v4-6
  • brenner-v4-7
  • brenner-v4-8
  • brenner-v4-9
  • brenner-v4-on-scales
  • brenner-v4
  • v4-installed-rear-view
  • v4-installed
  • v4-planetry-gears
  • v4-planetry-gears2


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