The Allure Bipe has now flown on US soil.

To quote Bryan...

"The flight testing was a total success! I have not finished tweaking it but I can tell you it's stunning. ( I do not use these words lightly) .. If you own and like the Allure, you will be shocked at how well the Bipe version carves the pattern. Brett took 3 flights after the contest and was so excited to feel the purity in this plane.. A great design borrowing from the setup platform of the Alferma proto. I used the "Same" wings ,and wing /stab position. It feels like an old friend. In the next coming weeks (lord willing) I will be testing and evaluating the airplane to perfection.. I can tell you it will not need any mix except a down line mix .. This is a great accomplishment for a mass produced Bipe. Brett and I were so disappointed the sun when down today .. But Fall is here ,time is short before the cool weather and short days are upon us... I'll make the most of this time and get these incredible Airplanes on the Boat!"

  • allure-bipe
  • allure-bipe2
  • allure-bipe3
  • allure-bipe4
  • allure-bipe5
  • allure-bipe6
  • allure-bipe7

Ck Aero have been working very hard on a new model. Meet the Allure Bipe!

  • allure--bipe2
  • allure--bipe4
  • allure-bipe
  • allure-bipe10
  • allure-bipe11
  • allure-bipe12
  • allure-bipe13
  • allure-bipe14
  • allure-bipe3
  • allure-bipe5
  • allure-bipe6
  • allure-bipe7
  • allure-bipe8
  • allure-bipe9

The pictures in the above gallery show the first two prototypes at the factory in Thailand. The orange and white one was fitted out with a Brenner V4 Contra Drive system and a Castle ESC. This model was flown for the first time in Thailand and by all reports Bryan Hebert (the designer) is super happy.

More information will be published as it comes to hand.

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