CK Aero has released yet another biplane the Verrari. This model is an evolution of the Alferma.

The model is produced in the USA by Tuny Professional Aerobatics and the quality is absolutely first class. This model will be positioned at the top end of the market. The model pictured below features retracts. I believe the model will be available with fixed gear or retracts.

  • verrari
  • verrari10
  • verrari11
  • verrari12
  • verrari13
  • verrari14
  • verrari15
  • verrari2
  • verrari3
  • verrari4
  • verrari5
  • verrari6
  • verrari7
  • verrari8
  • verrari9

More information will be published as it becomes available.

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