The Alchemy Pro is an evolution of the successful Allure/Alchemy design. This model has great pedigree and is the culmination of Bryan's many years of design and trimming experience.

Xtreme Composite manufactures the airframe in Thailand and the finish quality of their models is excellent.

It comes with all hardware, control horns, tailwheel assembly (wheel not included), aluminium main axles, servo trays and battery tray. Main wheels are not included. The canopy comes with the quick release latch already fitted.

The model is available in various colour schemes including the Alchemy/Allure schemes.

Some of the changes to the Alchemy Pro are:

  • Small Counterbalance added to rudder.
  • Removable rudder. This allows for more throw for better stall turns.
  • More fin area for enhanced contra performance.
  • Higher turtle deck.
  • Rudder servo cut out down the tail. You can still use a pull-pull system.


Length x Width : 2M x 2M.
Spinner Size: 3 3/8" (85mm).
Clearance: Up to a 23" prop can be used.
Wing Area : 1000 sq. in.
RTF Weight : 4800 - 4900 grams depending on chosen equipment.