New Alchemy at Australian Masters

The intent of this blog is to assist Customers both building and setting up their CK Aero Alchemy. This particular Alchemy will be powered by Ralph Schweizer’s CRS and will also feature MKS servos amongst other items Precision Aero Products carry’s.

Essentially, the Alchemy is the next generation of the successful Allure Airframe designed by Bryan Hebert. The Alchemy builds on the Allure platform with some tweaks. 

Alchemy Wings

The Alchemy wings are all new featuring a new thinner airfoil section and a reduced wing area over the Allure. The wing area is now 1000 sq” vs the Allures 1050 sq”.

Alchemy wings still feature the carbon anti-rotation pins and single retention bolt system as used on the Allure. The wing incidence is fixed but you could fit adjusters of some type or simply add Ply doughnuts to the fuse to make incidence adjustments. I’ve decided to leave the factory setup in place for the moment.

Alchemy Stab

The Alchemy stabs were first introduced on the Allure V2 last year. They are smaller in area and thinner in section than their predecessor.

Previously, the stab servo cut-out was marked on the underside of the stab. This is no longer done. Some may ask why the servo cut-outs haven't been done? Well, it means the stabs could be setup as pull-pull if the builder wanted to go this way. It also allows smaller servos to be used or even laying the servos on their sides.

Alchemy Fuse

Ah the fuselage assembly... This is where most of the work is to be done.

I find the best task to tackle first is the undercarriage. This then allows the model to be easily positioned on the work bench.