The intent of this blog is to assist Customers both building and setting up their CK Aero Alchemy. This particular Alchemy will be powered by Ralph Schweizer’s CRS and will also feature MKS servos amongst other items Precision Aero Products carry’s.

Essentially, the Alchemy is the next generation of the successful Allure Airframe designed by Bryan Hebert. The Alchemy builds on the Allure platform with some tweaks. 

Alchemy updates:

  • Counterbalance removed from Rudder. This allows more rudder throw which is always a plus for stall turns and also makes manufacturing easier.
  • The bevel has been removed from the trailing edge of the rudder. This helps keep the model within the rules particularly when using a contra drive.
  • Increased fin and rudder size. Contras love big fins! 
  • The canopy is 4” further forward and 1/2” higher improving the frontal and side area over the Allure.
  • The wings are new. A new airfoil and section thickness (thinner). The tip is now 66% of the thickness and the root thickness is also reduced by 3mm compared to the Allure. This helps with battery consumption for electrics in the upper classes and helps with flying in wind, spins, and most of all, speeds up the snap roll.
  • The wing area has been reduced to 1000 square inches.
  • The stabs are the thinner units that were fitted to the V2 Allures. 
  • The undercarriage is all new with new legs and a new composite mounting box. Each leg is held in place by just one screw.
  • Only the chin cowl version is available. The chin cowl and fuse have been redesigned to better allow for EP installations. The cowl is attached by two screws on the sides now rather than just one at the front. GP has the same spring clip setup as the Allure.
  • New paint scheme.

 Ok, onto the build....


Fear not, there won’t be an unboxing ceremonial video here... :-)

The Alchemy comes packaged in a sturdy double layer cardboard carton. The box dimensions have shrunk a little bit compared to the Allure which offsets the freight price increases imposed on us annually. There are still separate compartments for each wing and stab with the fuse placed in the middle. Each component comes wrapped in protective bags which double as hanger rash protectors once your model is complete.


The Alchemy is a big model. The factory aims to keep the weight in the 2300 gram range. This particular Alchemy was 2310 grams. This weight is with all components including the undercarriage and wheel pants. Some manufacturers don’t include these items in their advertised weights.

With the Alchemy only being available in the chin cowl configuration, 2310 grams is an excellent weight. The chin cowl used to add 90-100 grams to the weight of an Allure.

Ready to fly, my Alchemy came out at 4722 grams with 4600mAh flight packs. That’s impressive!