This build will be a Contra Drive version of the Allure. This airframe will actually become the one used for test flights should you be interested in test flying an Allure before buying one. Be warned, if you try one, you'll want one! :-)


The model will be set-up with the Multiplex Copilot wireless buddy box system with the "buddy TX" configurable as Mode 1, 2, 3 or 4. The buddy TX will be setup as thumbs on sticks which should cater for most pilots in Australia.

In this build, I'll detail all the equipment to be used, component weights, additional items required to complete the model, model setup and adjustments and last but not least, a flight report.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us an e-mail via the contacts page.

  • Allure-Assembled
  • Allure-At-Pitt-Town
  • Allure-At-Pitt-Town2
  • Allure-At-Pitt-Town3
  • Allure-Custom-Scheme-Bryan-Brett
  • Allure-WC-Scheme
  • Allure_Contra
  • Allure_Contra2
  • Allure_Electric
  • Allure_Electric_Proto_Thailand
  • Bryan_With_Allures
  • MPX_Trainer_Radio_and_Copilot_Module
  • Mark_Hunt_With_Allure
  • Scott_and_Bryan_electric_Allure
  • allure_glow
  • allures-at-us-nationals
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