Special Note: When using the CK Aero control horns, the front edge of the horn should be mounted on the edge of the ailerons as shown in the gallery picture below. These horns have been designed in a control linkage program and they are to be fitted in this manner. This results equal travel in both directions. When mounted this way, the pivot point will be slightly ahead of the hinge line. I have used the 20mm CK Aero control horns on the ailerons.

With the wings, the servo trays are preinstalled. I used Futaba BLS551 servos in the wings. I found that a small adjustment to the servo opening was required and an internal rib also needed some minor Dremel therapy to allow clearance for the servo lead. Then the servo was positioned and screw holes marked out. To make the holes, I gently use a centre pop to make a small indentation on the positions marked. Then with a 1mm drill bit in a pin vice, drill the hole by hand. It's real easy and eliminates the need to use a big hand drill etc.


Masking tape was used to work out where everything should be positioned on the wing and ailerons. Simply mark out the component locations with a fine point permanent marker or Sharpie.

The 20mm CK Aero control horns are fitted to each aileron with No.2 x 1/2" stainless steel self tapping screws. We supply these screws in both 1/2" and 1/4" lengths when you buy the horns from Precision Aero Products. You will need to locate the aileron hard points and then mark out the positioning of the horns. Then it's just a matter of making some 1/16" pilot holes for each of the three screws.

Ralph Schweizer M2.5 titanium linkages will be used on this model. These can be ordered direct from Ralph. They are of the highest quality. Fitted to each end of the RS linkages are NMP 2.5mm Dual Axis Rod Ends. These rod ends eliminate slop!

A standard Secraft 1" servo horn was used on the aileron servos which is more than adequate for the required 25 degree maximum throw for snaps.

The wings come fitted with a paper tube for the aileron servo extension. I used 16" long Futabab HD extensions on the ailerons. As an added safety measure, I tie all connections together using fishing rod ferrule binding. See picture in the gallery for details.

You may find that the ailerons seems a little stiff in the hinge. This is the nature of these hinges and a little heat from a hot air gun or your wife's hairdryer will free them up. Be careful not to overheat them or get the hot air gun too close to the surface. It doesn't need much so use a low heat setting and hold the gun 4 to 6" from the surface.

That's it, the wings are done.

  • 1inch-Secraft-Servo-Horns
  • Aileron-Linkage_Complete
  • Aileron_Extension
  • Aileron_Extension_Tied
  • Aileron_Hinge_Centre_Marked
  • Correct-Aileron_Horn-Install
  • Marking_Aileron_Servo_Holes
  • Secraft-Aileron-Servo-Arm-1inch