The Allure construction and set-up was completed at 11.30am on Thursday the 9th of April. The model was maidened that same day at Pitt Town, NSW. The conditions were quite poor with a 25kmph southerly wind blowing straight in but the conditions were totally flyable. The Allure handled the conditions with ease. I found the initial settings for throws were a little too "hot" for my liking. After Subsequent flights a little tweaking of throws and expos was done. I ended up at the settings tabulated in the "Alignment & Setup" blog entry.

The Performance of the Allure was so good on this first flying session that I decided to compete with it in the Australian Nationals in Brisbane that same weekend. After the Nationals, Arron Garle was given a fly of the model and he was extremely complimentary on the model's flight performance and loved the contra. he said "the model just gives you time to think".


  • Albury-NSW-Allure
  • Allure-At-Pitt-Town
  • Allure-At-Pitt-Town2
  • Allure-At-Pitt-Town3
  • Allure-Eats-BM
  • Battery-Tray-Gear-Install
  • Take-Off-At-Albury

Update - The Allure has won its first comp in Australia. Ok, I had something to do with that but the model really showed what it is capable of in conditions that varied from strong wind blowing straight in to light and variable conditions. The Allure ate it up!