In this blog entry I'll describe a couple of electronic devices I've fitted to the Allure. The first is the Throttle Tech device from Tech Aero. The second is the Unisens-E device from SM Modelbau of Germany.


The throttle Tech and Unisens-E units are easily fitted to the Allure. See photos below.

What does each device do?

Throttle Tech - The basic function of this device is to make the models power consistent from the start of the flight to the end of the flight. It does this by monitoring the battery pack voltage and then it applies an algorithm to adjust the signal to the ESC thereby limiting the throttle. A compensation factor is adjustable via a USB interface to customise the performance of the device. The device is especially useful to people that are a little heavy on the throttle. It's still early days with this device but so far it seems to be working fine. I've not yet changed the default compensation factor but will do so soon.

Installation of the Throttle Tech is dead easy. The battery tap was connected directly to my SPS. I did this specifically because these wires rarely move. The battery tap wires are only thin (approx 7.02) so my thinking is that if connected to a high movement area its life would be limited. The main unit is connected between the Rx throttle channel and the ESC. I stuck the main unit to the fuse side with a Velcro dot.

Unisons-E - This is a nifty little device! It measures parameters via telemetry. The parameters it can measure and feed back to your Tx are: Pack volts, Amps, Capacity used, RPM and Altitude. It can measure the live values, maximum values and minimum values. It also has vario functionality which can give you the rate of climb. 

Installation is pretty straight forward. The 4mm silicone wire is connected in series with the positive battery wire and a thinner silicone wire is connected to the negative battery wire. I have fitted my device between the SPS and ESC. There is also a cable connecting the sensor to your Rx. The extra little white wire connected to channel 7 of the Rx allows switching between Max, Min and live telemetry figures. This function is just on a three position switch set to +100%, 0% and -100%. The other white wire connects to one of the ESC motor phases. This gives RPM measurements. You can also set alarm thresholds too. This is great to ensure a charged pack is fitted before a flight. Yes, most of us have fitted a flat pack and probably wrecked the pack in the process... An alarm threshold on capacity used is also useful particularly when trimming an electric model as you can fly to used capacity instead of a time limit.

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