The Allure Bipe is one of Bryan Hebert’s latest releases. It features a full Composite fully painted construction and is available in EP and GP formats. The Stabs are the same as used on the Alchemy as is the undercarriage.

This model is actually a pre-production version so I expect there to be some issues to overcome. I’ll detail the issues found during the build. The production model will have these issues addressed.

One of the first things to be done is to check the model for transit damage. Yes, transit damage does happen occasionally. Unfortunately not all handling from the factory to the dealer or Customer is appropriate for the goods contained in the box. Fortunately the factory takes great care in packing the models to minimise the risk of damage in transit.

Like other CK Aero models, all components come packed in protective bags. These can be used to store the parts when the model is finished to prevent hanger rash. The carton is two thicknesses of 10mm cardboard with appropriate doublers, compartments and braces inside.

The visual condition of the box is normally a very good indicator of the condition of the contents. If the box is undamaged then more than likely the contents will be intact. If you see external damage like holes or crushing then there’s a possibility that the contents might be damaged. If the packaging does show signs of damage take pictures before opening the box. All of our imports, exports and domestic shipments are insured. For this reason it’s important to check the goods upon receipt and report any damage immediately.

Once we’re happy nothing is damaged, the model gets some basic checks before assembly starts:

  • Finish
  • Fit
  • Straightness
  • Weight

Finish - We check that the paint finish is of acceptable quality. You might find traces of buffing compound on the finish. This is easily removed with a micro fibre polishing cloth.

Fit - We check that the basic fit of the components and build is of acceptable quality. Sometimes some small adjustments are needed.

Straightness - We check the straightness of the elevators with a CK Aero Precision Elevator alignment tool. Other checks are done during the build process using a precision incidence meter.

Weight - This is super important for F3A models and particularly with a Bipe of this size. All airframe components including the undercarriage legs and wheel pants are weighed. The accessories are not weighed as these may or may not be used in the final build.

With this build the component weights were:

Component Weight (g)
Fuselage, Chin Cowl & Canopy  1087 grams
Undercarriage Legs (pr)  88 grams
Wing Struts  47 grams
Wheel Pants (pr)  27 grams
Left Stab  104 grams
Right Stab With Tube and Adjuster Pin  123 grams
Top Wing  521 grams
Bottom Wing  543 grams
Total:  2535 grams

  • allure-bipe-delivery
  • allure-bipe-delivery-1
  • allure-bipe-delivery-2
  • allure-bipe-delivery-3
  • allure-bipe-delivery-4
  • allure-bipe-delivery-5
  • allure-bipe-delivery-6
  • allure-bipe-delivery-7
  • allure-bipe-delivery-8
  • allure-bipe-delivery-9
  • allure-bipe-delivery-10
  • allure-bipe-delivery-11
  • allure-bipe-delivery-12
  • allure-bipe-delivery-13
  • allure-bipe-delivery-14
  • allure-bipe-delivery-15
  • allure-bipe-delivery-16
  • allure-bipe-delivery-18
  • allure-bipe-delivery-19
  • allure-bipe-delivery-20
  • allure-bipe-delivery-21

With the airframe weight being 2535 grams component selection will be critical to make the 5000 (5050 grams with 1% tolerance) gram limit.

I find it helps to make a spreadsheet listing the airframe and equipment weights to project what the final weight will be approximately. With a Bipe this becomes imperative!

Below is a table of equipment that will be used in this build.

Allure Bipe 
Component  Unit Weight (g) Qty Extended Weight (g) Comment
Airframe with UC and Pants 2535 1 2535  
Adverrun Single Drive 501 1 501  
Firewall AC Ply (Estimate) 20 1 20  
85mm Marquet Spinner 28 1 28  
Mejzlik 22” x 12” EL Prop 45 1 45  
M4 x 8mm Titanum Screws 1 4 4 To mount Adverrun.
Mezon 95 Opto Light ESC 98 1 98  
Hacker TopFuel 4600 485 2 970  
MKS HV747 Servo 38 1 38 Rudder Servo.
MKS HV69 Servo 21 6 126 Stabs and Ailerons.
Receiver 9ch 13 1 13  
Battery/ESC tray (Estimate) 100 1 100  
RX Pack 800mAh 40 1 40  
Main Wheels (PR) 9 2 17  
Titanium Axles 10 1 10  
Tailwheel Assy 10 1 10  
Rudder Servo Tray 30 1 30  
Extensions (Estimate) 100 1 100  
Rudder Pull-Pull (Estimate) 40 1 40  
Aileron Hubs and linkages (Estimate) 15 4 60  
Elevator Hubs and linkages (Estimate) 15 2 30  
EMCOTEC Switch F3A 23 1 23  
    Total 4838