Hamish Galloway and his Dad Ewan are putting together an Allure builders kit in New Zealand. This is the first Allure builders kit to be made on the planet!

On this page we'll detail the steps taken and methods used by Hamish and Ewan to build their Allure. 

What's in the box.....


The builders kit consists of a quality painted lightweight fuselage (1003gms including the canopy) with the rudder already hinged. U/C legs, wing and stab tubes / sockets, ply battery tray and tube hard points are also included in the kit. The stab tube holes are already drilled. Wing and tail drawings are in PDF and CAD format with dimensions which were easy to transfer or print.

Here are a few photos of the kit. Photo inside the lower rear fuselage shows the paper tube for the servo leads. Crutch is light and works well. Everything fits together really well. Canopy attachment is very secure.