This is Chris Henry's latest model. It's an AJ Element in the invitation scheme instead of the Andrew Jesky scheme. It looks sweet!

Chris reports that the model flys very nicely. You'll note from the pictures that Chris has changed out the bottom covering to help with visibility.

The model looks great Chris. We hope you enjoy many flights with the model.

  • chris-henry-1
  • chris-henry-2
  • chris-henry-3
  • chris-henry-4
  • chris-henry-5

Bruce Turner of Nelson New Zealand took delivery of his Bruno Scheme Allure Builders kit in March 2016. This is a GP version which will be powered by a YS185CDI. The model has been fitted out with "Galloway" foam core wings and will feature MKS servos also. Bruce will be using a Tru-Turn spinner, APC prop and YS Cooling header along with a Hatori Pipe. The fuel tank is made by Tettra.

The wings and stabs are tissue covered and painted with just one more colour to go (purple). Looking fantastic Bruce!

  • bruce-turner1
  • bruce-turner10
  • bruce-turner11
  • bruce-turner12
  • bruce-turner13
  • bruce-turner14
  • bruce-turner15
  • bruce-turner16
  • bruce-turner2
  • bruce-turner3
  • bruce-turner4
  • bruce-turner5
  • bruce-turner6
  • bruce-turner7
  • bruce-turner8
  • bruce-turner9

Hamish and Ewan (Sandy) Galloway have been working hard to finish their Alchemy Builders Kit before the 2017 F3A World Championships in Argentina. They have now achieved that goal!

The Model looks absolutely stunning and according to Hamish, flys as good as it looks.

The Model is powered by a YS which is a 185 CDI.

Servos are by MKS. HBL6625 on elevators, HBL575SL on Ailerons, HV1220 on rudder and HV75K on the throttle.

Here are some progressive pictures of Hamish’s model.

  • alchemy-builders-kit-Hamish-flown-1
  • alchemy-builders-kit-Hamish-flown-2
  • alchemy-builders-kit-Hamish-flown-3
  • alchemy-builders-kit-Hamish-flown-4
  • alchemy-builders-kit-hamish-01
  • alchemy-builders-kit-hamish-02
  • alchemy-builders-kit-hamish-03
  • alchemy-builders-kit-hamish-04
  • alchemy-builders-kit-hamish-05
  • alchemy-builders-kit-hamish-06
  • alchemy-builders-kit-hamish-07
  • alchemy-builders-kit-hamish-08
  • alchemy-builders-kit-hamish-09
  • alchemy-builders-kit-hamish-10
  • alchemy-builders-kit-hamish-11
  • alchemy-builders-kit-hamish-12
  • alchemy-builders-kit-hamish-13
  • alchemy-builders-kit-hamish-14
  • alchemy-builders-kit-hamish-15
  • alchemy-builders-kit-hamish-16
  • alchemy-builders-kit-hamish-17


Paul Tomlinson's Allure.

This Allure is gracing the skies over Auckland New Zealand. The owner, Paul Tomlinson, is very happy with the models performance. To quote Paul "The plane does fly very well and suits my flying style. If I want to fly it fast I can and slower if the mood takes me."

Paul is using a Hacker Q80 13XS, JR28X and JR servos all round.

The RTF weight with 4200mAh flight packs is 4,730 grams. This is very good for a chin cowl version EP Allure.

Here are some photos of Paul's model.

  • paul-tomlinson
  • paul-tomlinson2
  • paul-tomlinson3
  • paul-tomlinson4

Colin Briede of WA now has his EP Allure flying. Colin built an Allure Builders kit with the optional laser cut Built-up wing and stab kit.

To quote Colin:

"The wing and stab kit was very well made and it was a pleasure to get back into some building. I found the instructions on the build blog very useful and easy to follow.

The model is powered by a Hacker Q80 motor in conjunction with a Hacker Master Spin 99 ESC. I'm running Futaba S-Bus servos throughout along with a Futaba 18MZ radio.

I now have twenty five flights on my Allure and I'm very impressed with the way it handles. I really enjoy flying this plane"

Here are some progressive pictures of Colin's model.

  • colin-briede-1
  • colin-briede-10
  • colin-briede-11
  • colin-briede-13
  • colin-briede-2
  • colin-briede-3
  • colin-briede-4
  • colin-briede-5
  • colin-briede-6
  • colin-briede-7
  • colin-briede-8

Colin will soon start a second Allure Builders Kit but this time it will be a Glow powered (GP) version. This will also be built with the optional built-up wing and stab kit.



James Danby's Allure...

James Danby flew his Brenner V3 powered Allure for the first time on the 30th of December 2015. All went well and James is very happy with the model.

Here are some photos of James' model.

  • james-danby
  • james-danby2
  • james-danby3
  • james-danby4
  • james-danby5