Colin Briede of WA now has his EP Allure flying. Colin built an Allure Builders kit with the optional laser cut Built-up wing and stab kit.

To quote Colin:

"The wing and stab kit was very well made and it was a pleasure to get back into some building. I found the instructions on the build blog very useful and easy to follow.

The model is powered by a Hacker Q80 motor in conjunction with a Hacker Master Spin 99 ESC. I'm running Futaba S-Bus servos throughout along with a Futaba 18MZ radio.

I now have twenty five flights on my Allure and I'm very impressed with the way it handles. I really enjoy flying this plane"

Here are some progressive pictures of Colin's model.

  • colin-briede-1
  • colin-briede-10
  • colin-briede-11
  • colin-briede-13
  • colin-briede-2
  • colin-briede-3
  • colin-briede-4
  • colin-briede-5
  • colin-briede-6
  • colin-briede-7
  • colin-briede-8

Colin will soon start a second Allure Builders Kit but this time it will be a Glow powered (GP) version. This will also be built with the optional built-up wing and stab kit.