The NEW AJ Element Scheme

This build blog is for the BJ Craft Element 170 Airframe. Information about building this model is limited at best hence the need for this blog.

I have a unique opportunity whereby a customer has asked me to build him two Elements. One with a Plettenberg Advance and the other with an Adverrun XS.

Element Stab.

The first cab off the rank with this build is the stabs. Both the stabs and wings are built-up balsa and ply construction and covered with film. This results in a very light and strong structure and the quality of the covering is fantastic. 

The wings are the next item to be completed. The first thing to do is expose the servo cut-out by cutting the covering. One of the pictures below shows the film already cut at 45° to each corner. The other wing hadn't had this done. The cutting wasn't very neat as you can see but once trimmed and ironed down it looks ok.